Home remedies for tooth ache

 Are you having toothache?  You can cure yourself with items found in or around homes.

 These are some greater tips you should think of.

Salt water: mix a heaping table spoon full of salt in a small glass of warm water, swirl around inside your mouth for as long as you can, spit out repeat as needed.

Cloves: this is a remedy from the old timers, rest a clove against the score area until pains goes away, you can also use a drop or two drop of clove oil(be careful too much can be toxic) or make a thick paste of ground cloves and water or ground cloves and olive.

Garlic: take a clove of garlic, smash it and apply(settle it inside check) you can also mash some garlic with salt.
Peppermint leaves: chew on fresh peppermint leaves, you can also dried leaves just hold them in place.

Lime: cut a slice or wedge of lime and apply, bite into it if you can to release some of the juice.

Onion: slice a piece of fresh onion and hold it inside your mouth the onion needs to be freshly cut(so it provides a bit of onion juice)

Apple cider vinegar: soak a cotton ball with apple cider vinegar(ACV) and hold it in place, can also try regular household vinegar.

Oil of oregano: mix a few drops with a bit of olive oil, then saturate a cotton ball with mixture can replace the olive oil with lukewarm water if referred.

Ginger root: take a fresh piece of ginger and chew it a bit.

Tea tree oil: just a drop or two will do the trick you can also add some to a cotton swab and hold in place or add a few drops of tea tree oil to a small glass of lukewarm to warm water and rinse your mouth with it.

Potato: cut a fresh piece of potato(raw,skin off) and hold in place. You can also pound a piece of raw potato, mix in bit with salt and use the mash.

Bayberry: bayberry is also a good ingredient for pain relief and to strengthen your gums. Make a paste of bayberry bark and mix it with vinegar. Apply the paste on the affected tooth for relief from the pain.

Guava leaves: fresh guava leaves can also alleviate toothache. Simple chew one or two young guava leaves until the juice starts working on the affected tooth. Or you can get about four or five guava leaves and boil, allow to cool in a warm temperature add salt and use it to mouthwash. If you don't have guava leaves,you can use raw spinach leave instead.
"If you have tried all this and seems don't work as expected comment below with your symptoms"

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