There is only 1 isolation exercise that I do for
my six pack abs – sit ups (crunches). You can
do them on the floor, you can do them on a
bench - it doesn't really matter. Besides that, I
do complex exercises like deadlifts and squats,
those exercises build your mid section like
So, many of you are concerned about losing
weight and burning fat. Everybody wants
to know how to get a six pack in a week or
how to get a six pack fast. There are so
many products and programs that ensure and
guarantee a fast SiX PACK, but they will
probably fail like all the others. There is no
magic secret in getting a fast SiX PACK, or
getting a SiX PACK at all. It's a two-step
process that you'll have to understand: it's
about nutrition and training. You need to
control both of these aspects in order to
get a ripped six pack fast. If you are training
hard in the gym but don't pay enough
attention to your nutrition, then you'll fail, and
vice versa. In fact, nutrition is the more
important aspect when it comes down to
losing fat and getting a SiX PACK.
Cardiovascular exercises are good although
you can lose weight without them.
I don't do too much cardio because I'm a hard
gainer and losing weight is not a
problem for me at all. If your metabolism isn't
high and you're having problems with
losing weight and burning fat then start doing
cardio, right about after your weight
training workout. Do it for about 40 minutes
2-3 times a week. Weight lifting burns
off calories and helps us to burn fat as well
but more importantly it is helping us to
increase the metabolic rate, and by that, your
body burns off more calories during
the day. Muscle needs to be supplied with
energy and the more muscular you
become the easier it is to stay ripped. So
remember: losing fat is important but
building muscle is important as well. Gaining
muscle and burning fat at the same
time is a hard thing to do and probably won't
work for most people. In some
situations it is possible to simultaneously
gain muscle and lose fat. For example,
if you are a beginner or intermediate
bodybuilder then you might gain muscle fast
and could stay very lean or even get leaner.
That is what happened to me in my first
3 years. You can also archive that by taking
anabolic steroids but I'm not a friend of
steroids and will not write about them. So
figure it out by yourself if you like.
For now what you need to know as a natural
bodybuilder is that you probably can't lose
fat and build muscle at the same time, so
focus on losing weight – you need to lose
in order to see your SiX PACK. Getting a six
pack fast is more about losing the pounds,
not building them.  Do it with a good diet and
training program. A diet that results in
calorie deficit does not necessarily mean a
quality diet. Don't eat one or two small meals
a day, it puts your body into starvation mode
and lowers your metabolism which means
body will go into "standby-mode" to ensure a
low burn of calories. Eat at least 6 meals a
eat good fats, quality protein and complex
  In summary, you assume certain risks inherent
in exercise and nutrition programs by using
this system. Six Pack Shortcuts involves body
weight exercises, weight lifting, and high
intensity cardiovascular exercise. You should
not begin the program if you are severely
obese, or if you have a physical condition that
makes intense exercise dangerous. In addition,
Six Pack Shortcuts requires that you to follow
an eating plan and at times restrict the
amount of calories you consume. You should
not begin this eating plan if you have physical
or psychological issues which may make fat
loss dangerous. We, here at Six Pack
Shortcuts, are not licensed doctors and our
advice should not be taken as a substitute for
medical advice.
Keep your body in a nice shape, read more on related topics.

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