Have you ever had of this disease called lassa fever? If not you are now about to know what your home rodent can cause,"RAT" many people like me really have a rat as there pet, really it looks cute with its nice eyes, but people who has rat as there pet just like me, after this article will shall see the kind danger we have engaged in. So lets start

 Lassa fever (lassa virus)
Lassa fever is an acute viral haemorrhagic contamination as a result of Lassa virus, a member of the arenavirus own family of viruses. it is transmitted to human beings from contacts with meals or family items infected with rodent excreta. The sickness is endemic inside the rodent populace in parts of West Africa. individual-to-man or woman infections and laboratory transmission also can arise, specially inside the health center environment inside the absence of adequate contamination manipulate measures. diagnosis and spark off treatment are vital.
Lassa virus is zoonotic (transmitted from animals), in that it spreads to human beings from
rodents, specifically multimammate mice ( Mastomys natalensis ). This is probably the most commonplace mouse in equatorial Africa, ubiquitous in human households and eaten as a delicacy in a few regions. In these rodents, infection is in a continual
asymptomatic state. The virus is shed in their excreta (urine and feces), which may be aerosolized. In fatal instances, Lassa fever is characterised with the aid of impaired or delayed mobile immunity main to fulminant viremia.
contamination in human beings normally happens by exposure to animal excrement via the
respiratory or gastrointestinal tracts. Inhalation of tiny debris of infectious fabric (aerosol) is believed to be the maximum tremendous method of publicity. it is possible to acquire the infection via broken pores and skin or mucous membranes that are without delay exposed to infectious fabric.
Transmission from character to person has additionally been installed, imparting a ailment risk for healthcare employees. Frequency of transmission with the aid of sexual contact has no longer been mounted.
signs and signs and symptoms
The virus is anticipated to be liable for approximately five,000 deaths annually. The fever debts for up to 1-1/3 of deaths in hospitals within the affected regions and 10 to sixteen% of general instances.
Gastrointestinal tract
stomach ache
Dysphagia (problem swallowing)
 Cardiovascular gadget
high blood pressure
Tachycardia (abnormally high heart fee)
 respiratory tract
Chest ache
 fearful system
Unilateral or bilateral listening to deficulty
Clinically, Lassa fever infections are hard to distinguish from other viral hemorrhagic fevers along with Ebola and Marburg , and from more commonplace febrile ailments together with
malaria .
 Preventive strategies
* avoid contact with animals that carries lassa virus together with rat etc.
* hand washing simply facilitates to abstain from diseases.
* keep away from maintaining your food stuff where rodent can reach.
*. retaining the enviroment easy to hold rodents away from your property.
  Guys what do you think about this disease?

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