Have you heard of zika virus(ZIKV)?
 you must be wondering what about it" scientist is always in a discovery mode.. read on
 While Nigeria is busy successfully combatting the Lassa virus, a number of South American countries and one African country (Cape Verde) are plagued with the Zika virus. There is no need to panic about ZIKA Virus for Nigerians. However, why is there a need to inform Nigerians esprcially about ZIKA infection? The world is a small global village with international travels very common. We should not be caught unprepared.

  zika virus is a mosquito-borne virus“spreading explosively” inside the United States, the pinnacle of the world health company says.
“the level of problem is excessive, as the extent of uncertainty,” Margaret Chan, advised the WHO govt board on Jan. 28.
The employers guessed about 3 million to 4 million human will be attack with the virus this yr inside the USA. It’s suspected of causing microcephaly in babies of infected pregnant mothers, although there is a reason-and-impact link which hasn't been really established. Microcephaly reasons devastating, on occasion serious brain damage, and it is able to bring about miscarriage or stillbirth.
professionals previously warned that the virus is probable to unfold in the United states.

doctors have experienced cases of it in tourists coming back from the Caribbean and significant and South the united states.

Mode of Transmission
Zika virus is generally transmitted to people through bites from Aedes mosquitoes, which regularly live around homes and many areas and are typically energetic in some unspecified time in the future of daytime (top biting interest takes part in early mornings and not much in afternoons).

a few proof suggests Zika virus additionally may be transmitted to people via blood transfusion, perinatal transmission and sexual transmission. but, those modes are very unusual.
signs and symptoms of Zika virus infection.

* low-grade fever (among 37.8°C and 38.five°C)
* arthralgia, drastically of small joints of hands and toes, with viable swollen joints .
* myalgia
* headache, retro-ocular complications
* conjunctivitis .
* cutaneous maculopapular rash
submit-contamination as in which appears to be not unusual.
extra rarely found signs and symptoms encompass digestive problems (belly ache, diarrhoea, constipation), mucous membrane ulcerations (aphthae), and pruritus.

Zika virus contamination reasons a mild sickness (with the viable exception in pregnant women, as discussed under) and, aside from notification, no particular motion is required. but, as Zika infection can also cause a rash that might be harassed with greater vital illnesses at the side of measles or dengue, those extra critical sicknesses do want to be dominated out. analysis of Zika will first and crucial be with the aid of manner of exclusion, based completely mostly on signs and symptoms, adventure statistics and exclusion of extra excessive ailments which includes measles, rubella and dengue.

 There may be no precise remedy for Zika virus infection and acute signs generally solve internal four-7 days.
In French Polynesia, after a close-by Zika virus outbreak in 2013 and 2014, an growth in autoimmune and neurological illnesses has been decided (seventy-3 times, forty-two of them being Guillain-Barré Syndrome, in a populace of approximately 270,000). l

Clinical Remedies
No vaccine or medicinal capsules are available to save you or deal with Zika infections.
    But this tips can help you !!

• Get plenty of rest
• Drink fluids to save you dehydration
• Take treatment collectively with acetaminophen to relieve fever and ache
• Do now not take aspirin and unique non-steroidal anti inflammatory tablets (NSAIDs), like ibuprofen and naproxen. Aspirin and NSAIDs have to be prevented till dengue can be ruled out to reduce the hazard of hemorrhage (bleeding). in case you are taking medication for some other medical circumstance, speak to your healthcare issuer earlier than taking extra medicinal drug.

 when you have Zika, avoid mosquito bites for the number one week of your contamination.
at some point of the primary week of infection, Zika virus can be determined in the blood and passed from an inflamed person to each different mosquito through mosquito bites.
An infected mosquito can then unfold the virus to distinctive people.
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  1. Zikka virus!!!!! From Ebola to lassa,from lassa to Zikka, End time is at hand. Brothers and sister let us repent and evangelize the word of God