Have you been pregnant over 11weeks? are you worried of aborting it don't be much afraid.. misoprostol is there to help  you out. as a very powerful drug it induces the baby after been taken. remember aborting at 11weeks upward will rapid the complications. so you have to be very careful, you must not be alone while undergoing this process, because it accompany several bleeding and some pains at the vagina region. it's symptoms are almost like miscarriage.
   even if your pregnancy has reached 12-20 weeks you can also use misoprosol. take 4 pills of 200 micrograms(in total 800mcg) misoprosol under the tongue“DO NOT SWALLOW!!!” after three hours put another 4 pills of misoprosol under the tongue again you have to do it just for 3 times “WARNING DO NOT SWALLOW” you can also put it in your vagina if you are worried about legal problems.

 After 24 hours, this method is effective approximately 80% of the time. There may be very heavy cramping and bleeding, therefore it is strongly advised that the pills are taken in the waiting room of a hospital or in a cafe very close to a hospital.
Realise that you will loose a lot of tissue and blood, but also a foetus (the size depends on the duration of the pregnancy), which can be recognised as such. It can be quite distressing to see. You are strongly discouraged to do an abortion after 15 weeks by yourself because of the high complication risk and because it can be very traumatic.
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 Some side effect(complications) of Abortion.


between 2 and three% of all abortion sufferers may additionally suffer perforation of their uterus, but most of those injuries will stay undiagnosed and untreated until laparoscopic visualisation is completed.five Such an exam may be useful while beginning an abortion malpractice healthy. The risk of uterine perforation is accelerated for women who've previously given delivery and for individuals who acquire standard anaesthesia at the time of the abortion.


Endometritis is a post-abortion chance for all girls, however specifically for young adults, who are 2.five times more likely than girls 20-29 to gather endometritis following abortion.

ECTOPIC pregnancy

Abortion is appreciably associated with an improved threat of next ectopic pregnancies. Ectopic pregnancies, in flip, are life threatening and might result in reduced fertility


Abortion increases the danger of placenta previa in later pregnancies (a life threatening circumstance for each the mom and her wanted pregnancy) through seven to fifteen fold. strange improvement of the placenta because of uterine harm will increase the threat of fatal malformation, perinatal demise, and excessive bleeding at some stage in hard work.etc.

Please don't do this without consulting your doctor 


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