This is a form of acupunture which is known to be hidden from people who are not into yoga or judo sports. Centuries back many people uses acupunture and acupressure as an alternative way to treat thier love one's or themselves when sick.

 they explain that every organ in the body is channel to some point on the body part and some energies are channel through this point to the organs, so for you to enhance or treat a particular organ you must have to massage the channeling point on the body. These medical techniques can also help you to lose weight. this weight loss is achieved by rendering a smooth massage at this following 4 point which is listed below. then you will get rid of excess fat in the body and you will get your dream shape.
  The massaging of this point can accelerate your your metabilism, increase your energy levels, eliminate excess fat in the body and also control your appetite.

  This are the basic four point to massage which can help you speed your metabolism.

The Arm- the point of the arm to render the massage is found below the elbow joint. this point is extremly important, the massage done at this point help to eliminate high body heat, and stimulation of the intestine. this massage is to be done three times a day for one minute each.

The Ear- this is another essential place to massage at the pinna, this area helps in speeding the rate of your metabolism and this will make it easy for you to manage your weight. you have to massage smoothly using your thumb.

   The face- this is found at the region between the nostrils and the upper lips, this area is
incharge of your appetite and also reduce anxiety, it also help you if you are overeating due ti stress, you have to massage about five minutes, only twice a day.

The leg- This point is located after the kneel cap it is called Zu San Li, in chinese it is mostly used in acupressure, it is extremely important, apart from boosting the digestion it has many other works such as preventing and reducing other inflammation.
  this particular point is also known as point of hundred disease. in weight loss it is believed that massaging the Zu San Li you can loss much weigh you want in weeks. you have to massage in clockwise direction about 8-9 times each leg for about 10 minutes each day. Note: you don't do this at night before you sleep, because it can lead to insomnia.

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