The umpteen health benefits of apple cider vinegar are unquestionable, your can at least take care of about 20 different diseases with it without having side effects because it's a natural treatment, this cider vinegar plays important role in curing of cancer. What do you think? It isn't possible,  you should know that  this common kitchen ingredient can increase your health on many levels. It works like miracles both  inside the body as well as on the outside.
How to make your own apple cider vinegar

 Although most people add it to different cooking recipes, such as soups and salads, apple cider vinegar can also be used in many natural remedies to treat a number of diseases including indigestion, heartburn, inflammations, infections and many more.

That’s why you should always be able to have it at the reach of your hand, While you can always go to the supermarket don't forget to  buy a bottle of organic ACV, the best option is to make your own raw organic vinegar, that is effective and healthy. That’s how you’ll reap most of its health benefits. Hey don’t worry about the preparation; it’s extremely simple.
 Here are the steps always follow as stipulated.


• organic apples
• water
• sugar

This is the step by step preparation:
 →Wash your apples thoroughly and rinse then slice them nicely. 
→ Place the apples in a glass jar adding a bit of sugar (1% sugar of the apple weight, i.e. 10g sugar to 1kg apples). The sugar is essential for the fermentation process and will completely be lost in the final product. Note: only 1% of sugar to avoid glycemia issues.  Fill up the jar with water, cover with gauze and leave in room temperature of about 20°C.

→ getting to 7-10 days the jar will start unleashing a sour odour. this smell will keep grow stronger the more you leave it, do not leave it open you’d better keep the jar in a place other than the kitchen. In a month your homemade ACV will be ready. 

 → finally You can taste the sourness of the vinegar. If it’s OK, strain the liquid through gauze and store in sterilized glass bottles. If you prefer your ACV a bit more sour, leave it to sit a few more days before straining. Don't strain when the sour isn't good enough. Then your apple cider vinegar is ready, you should enjoy your recipes.  Always play save!!

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