Do you know that canker sores is also known as aphthous ulcers, many that suffers this disease find it difficult to relax.  We will discuss more below.
Symptoms of canker sores.
There is a small oval or round white ulcers that canbe very painful.  They appear on the tongue, gums,inner or outer lips, or on the insides of the cheeks.
At first it appears as a red, warm spot which ulcerates and has a yellowish border. Next, a yellowish mixture of fluid,  bacteria and white blood cells are seen. Tgere is often burning or tingling at the place for 1-3 days before the canker sore appears. Cankersores are different in appearance from cold sores, in that canker sores do not form blisters.
Causes of this aphthous ulcers
The greek word, aphthae, means "to set on fire." Allergies, stress, vitamin deficiencies,  endocrine imbalance,  and viral infections are considered to be possible causes.  This disease is considered to be obtain if you parents has had it or still suffers from it. They generally do not begin appearing till the age of 20, and occurs equally among men and women.  Older people have them less frequently.  Canker sores generally heal by themselves within a week or two. It is said that as much as 40% of the adult population experience them. Some people seem to have one after the other. People with Crohn's disease (an illness of the bowels) are more likely to have them. Some Vaccines and antibiotics may also be a cause.
Gastrointestinal symptoms often accompany canker. So food allergies may frequently be the cause most frequently problems: citrus,apple, spices (especially cinnamon), acid or salted foods, nuts, English walnut, caraway, chocolate, coffee, shellfish. Other symptoms may be  poor dentures, rough tooth fillings, or braces.
Below is the best natural remedies for this canker sore but if you have tried this remedies and it didn't work because some people's body system works fine with supplements,  kindly navigate to our shop to make a purchase and get a free stuff.
• As soon as the first tingle is felt, take 500mg of vitamin C with bioflavonoids(50mg), 3 times a day for three days.
•  Goldenseal powder or moistened goldenseal tea bag applied over the ulcer is one of the best treatments. It may also bring relief of the pain.
• wash
your mouth with plain hot water. To draw healing blood and help relieve pain. This is a simple hydrotherapy treatment.
• squeeze vitamin E oil (from a capsule) on the sore several times a day. Apply baking soda to the sore.
• zinc (30mg) this hel ps to heal faster. Abd myrrh or witch hazel repairs damage.  Bayberry and burdock are good.
• Gargle with chlorophyll orwheatgrass juice. Rinse the mouth with aleo vera juice 3 times a day.
• in the Midwest, they put a little earwax on the sore to help heal it.
• At the first indication of a canker sore, put an activated charcoal tablet on the spot and hold it there till the sensation goes away (within 15-20 minutes). The charcoal absorbs the virus, stopping the eruption.
• put a blob of blackstrap molasses on it several times a day. Place a drop of 3% hydrogen peroxide on each canker sore or dilute the peroxide (3 part water and one part peroxide) and swish it in the mouth. Then spit it out and rinse with water.
Preventions for canker sores
Below are some tips to help yoh prevent this canker sore which is dominating in some region.
1. Things which tends to cause canker sores include mouthwashes, citrus fruit (orange), coffee,  or certain other foods-especially highly seasoned or tart foods. Do not smoke or chew snuff!!!
2. Folic acids (20 mg) and vitamin B12 (1,000 mcg) deficiencies may cause it. Onions help reduce their number. Include them in your food preparation.  Lysine, vitamin B12, and folic acid also help.
3. Do not eat meat for two weeks.  Meat increases body acidity.  Stop eating it entirely when you have a little sign of it to eliminate canker sore entirely.
4. Avoid sugar and processed foods, citrus fruit causes them in some people.
5. Avoid physical damage to the area immediately in, and around the mouth.  Avoid sharp foods, such as peanut brittle.  Use a soft toothbrush with no paste
6. A hair analysis will help you determine your mineral and PH balance.  Maintaining a proper balance helps to avoid canker sore.
♣ beware if you have a mouth sore which refuses to heal, kindly meet your dentist. Because there are certain other disease that appears like canker sore. "You can navigate to our shop and buy any product there to get free coupon for more purchase"
My encouragement: God is pleased when we keep our faces turned towards the sun of righteousness. When we are in trouble and pressed down with anxieties. The lord is near to take away all your problems. Thanks always stay healthy!!!

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