Cabbage contains normal fixings acting like medications utilized as a part of ulcer treatment. The way that cabbage can help treating a ulcer was demonstrated in the 1950′s, in the endeavors of Dr.Garrett Cheney, at the Workforce of Prescription at the College of Stafford.

He demonstrated that around 1.1 liters of new cabbage squeeze a day, eases the agony and treat the gastric(stomach) ulcers,which is effective and superior to anything standard treatments.

One if the advantages cabbage gives reinforcing the resistance of stomach mucosa against corrosive assaults. Cabbage contains gefarnate – a compound like carbenoxolone, a cure utilized as a part of ulcers medicines.

Truth be told, these mixes animate cells to orm a slight boundary given the part of a haven, shielding them from corrosive assaults. Indian Focal Medication Research Establishment recuperated guinea pigs experiencing ulcer just by utilizing cabbage juice.

Amid the treatment, minute pictures of cells experienced broad changes, demonstrating that cabbage juice speeds up bodily fluid movement which revamps harmed cells, driving technique to full recuperation.

Cabbage has anti-infection properties too. Research center tests, demonstrated that cabbage demolishes a variety of microorganisms, including microbes Pylori, which is thought to be the fundamental driver for stomach ulcer.

In this way, set some up cabbage squeeze or get ready cabbage and serve it as a new plate of mixed greens for your solid lunch!

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  1. cabbage juice and ulcerative colitis showed healing of ulcerative colitis within seven days after beginning cabbage juice consumption. It helps to enhance the flow of blood to the stomach lining.