Do you really need to feel healthy you can make a wonderful recipes by yourself I tell you that you can take care of your health without wasting much on drugs. But the human system differs according to each individual so you must study your body system before taking any healthy decision.

Remember to consult your doctor on every healthy tips you get in other to get assurance you are in a safer side. Many people has been experiencing a critical headache which seems unstoppable.
 Are you having such experience? I can tell you that your have successfully came to right place to search. I will teach you how to cure a severe headache with home ingredient. Let me say you first need to consult your doctor and ask for advice after getting his own tips and you take the prescribe drugs but it didn't stop the headache then you actually need to take this steps I will state below and get back to fit.

 Ingredient You only need two important ingredient which are coconut and salt.

 1. Coconut
2. Salt
3. Water
4. Milk.

  All this ingredient are very essential to the body system do I will move straight to the procedure on how to make this wonderful recipe.
• Get a coconut and crack it put the water inside the cup
• add 3 half pinch of salt
 • add a little water to maintain it's concentration and finally add milk.

Milk is added only to maintain and give the brains it's essential vitamin so one need to drink milk frequently. So this was the remedy I usually use to cure severe headache which sometimes seems am going nut. But remember to go to medical check-up because headache can be a symptoms to many disease. So I hope as you follow this healthy tips and advice you will get better and healthy. Health is wealth always play safe and be healthy. If you really care for more of this wonderful healthy tips and other service we render kindly subscribe below and also remember to share with your friends. Bye see you in the next post.

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