Are you addicted to smoking?  Have ever asked yourself How will i quit smoking? Many things it's impossible  to quit smoking but it isn't many people has stopped smoking using this various tips and practicing them. Real people I knew with are smoke addicts stops smoking within an interval of days with this awesome steps. Here are quick healthy tips you may consider important.
At some point, most if not all smokers will  try to quit, and fail.  You can believe it or not, this is a good thing. Having failed to quit, than having tried at all. Probably several times, is all part of quitting, Quitting stuff isn't easy it is not an event, that occurs at a specific point in time. It is an
ongoing process, which takes time,
information and support.
Lets break smoking down into its 4 parts..
1. craving
2. action
3. lighting up
4. building a habit
As the craving for a cigarette is felt. What triggered the desire? What's the setting you feel? Who else is there? What time is
it? What are you drinking? And What are you thinking?
Cravings is felt first thing on waking in the morning are usually addiction/withdrawal based impulses. These usually disappear within a few days, but can sometimes take a few weeks.

Key to successfully kicking the habit is raising awareness of triggers.
For many smokers, a cigarette is
associated with taking a break at work or having a cup of tea or coffee. Every time a cigarette is had along with the beverage, the association is reinforced.
Numerous smokers report lighting up as a reaction to stress. If this sounds like you, keep an eye out for an upcoming posts on ways to control stress and anxiety action.
This is the point where a smoker reaches for tobacco. This is something that used to be a conscious decision, but over time
has been repeated so often the cigarette is in the smokers hand without a conscious decision. This habit needs to be broken.
Lighting up.
The first 2 or 3 'pulls' on the cigarette addresses the addiction, but the addict keeps smoking out of habit.
Building a habit.
Experts believe it takes on average 40 days in a row of maintaining
a behaviour to establish it as a habit. The same is true of breaking a habit. A habit,
with smoking, you've built up by
repeating an action, probably hundreds perhaps thousands of times per day.
Putting your hand to your mouth. How many times per cigarette? How many cigarettes per day? For how many years?
If you allow it, your body will autopilot from smoking to eating. Make it easy to autopilot to something else. Get a
waterbottle with a sports cap, so you can take a quick swig without taking the top
off. Keep it within arms reach at all times.
Find something else to do with your hands so they don't autopilot.
Guys, experiment with growing some facial hair. It doesn't have to be a full Grizzly Adams, even a few hairs at the lips would do the trick.
Girls, figure out how much you'd spend on cigarettes this week, and spend it on a necklace instead. Instead of hand to mouth, you've got hand to bling. Think of
how much cigarette money you can save in a month to put to something else, or in a year!!
Even being aware of the habit and
spotting it when it happens will help you get past smoking.
I believe You CAN do it!
This are some steps which can also guide you to stop the habit of smoking, health centers in Nigeria also stick to this protocols for smokers.
1. Never buy cigarette in packs
2. Always read why you need to stop smoking
3. Do take much water whenever you wish to smoke
4. Stop going out with your fellow smokers.
I believe this can help incase if you have your successive stories on how you quit smoking you can also share with us through the comment box alway stay healthy and happy!!

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