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Stereotactic neurosurgery, also known as neuro-navigation is a simple surgery using images of the brain to guide surgeons to target specific areas within the brain. This technique uses an external frame attached to the head or imaging markers attached to the scalp to lead the surgeon to this approach. Stereotactic brain surgery is a surgical procedure where lesion, normally a brain tumor, is removed with help of brain images. These brain images help the surgeon locate the tumor precisely and facilitate the accurate pathway to lesions and tumors through the brain and safely remove more of abnormal tissue without hampering the surrounding healthy ones.

Types of Stereotactic Neurosurgery
Stereotactic neurosurgery can be performed in two ways-
Using Head Frame
Frameless Or Using Radio Surgery
Procedure of Stereotactic Neurosurgery Using Head Frame
The patient is made to undergo special (magnetic resonance imaging) MRI’s and (computed tomography) CT scans, a day or two before surgery. These images are imported into the computer system that provides the surgeon with a 3-dimensional image of the brain and the accurate location where surgery is needed to be performed. A lightweight frame is attached to the head using local anesthesia adjusted according to the 3-dimensional image. When the image and the frame have been adjusted to the exact location, the surgeon makes a small incision and removes the tumor with surgical apparatus. Once the tumor or the abnormal tissues are removed, the surgeon closes the incision.
Procedure of Stereotactic Neurosurgery Using Radio Surgery
Stereotactic radiosurgery is a precise and powerful type of radiation therapy. It works on the concept of focusing on targeted location with a strong beam of radiation and destroying abnormal tissues. This surgery is useful to treat small and deep tumors which cannot be removed using open head surgery.  This surgery can be further carried out in 3 ways. They are-
Gamma Knife Radiosurgery – In this surgery, nearly 200 beams of highly focused gamma radiations are aimed at the targeted area of the tumor. This type of gamma knife radiosurgery is useful for small to medium sized brain, head and neck abnormalities. Since the target is precise and accurate, the surrounding healthy tissue is left untouched or undamaged.
Linear Accelerator Machines – This type of surgery uses high energy x-rays by delivering radiation over several treatments. Linear accelerator machines are used to treat large brain tumors.
Proton Beams – Mostly doctor’s use proton beam or heavy charged-particle radiosurgery for smaller tumors throughout the body.
After Stereotactic Brain Surgery
Stereotactic brain surgery gives the advantage of planning to target small tumors located within certain areas of brain. This contributes to better wound healings and smaller scars. Since this surgery involves less or no incision, hospital stays are shorter and recovery is faster. However internal healing will take its desired amount of time. Favorable precautions must be taken to speed up the recovery and avoid further damage to brain.
Stereotactic Brain Surgery in India
Stereotactic brain surgery in India is performed under the surveillance of highly qualified surgeons who are very good at their job. However surgeons first need to decide which type of surgery is to be performed. Depending upon the type of procedure, surgeons chose medications to be used and the technology to be applied. However, costs may vary but comparatively overall expenses in India are low and absolutely affordable.  Hospitals in India are fully equipped with the latest technologies and instruments which are to be used in order to make surgery easier and smooth.

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