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The hollow spaces in interiors of the bones of the human body are filled with soft, spongy and gelatinous tissue called bone marrow. They are responsible for the formation of new blood cells.  When a person suffers from awful diseases like leukemia, aplastic, anemia and sickle cell, the healthy bone marrows are damaged and degenerated.
Sickle cell disease is a group of disorders that hampers the hemoglobin which is the red blood cells that transfer the oxygen to the cells throughout the body. The patients suffering from this disorder have a typical hemoglobin molecule called S which can distort red blood cells into a sickle. 

Sickle Cell Anemia Treatment
Bone marrow transplant offers only potential sickle cell anemia treatment. But finding a donor is difficult. If you or your loved ones is sickle cell anemia patient, you will need to visit your doctor frequently in order to keep a check on your red blood cell count.  Other sickle cell disease treatment may include medications to reduce pain and prevent complications, blood transfusions and supplemental oxygen as well as bone marrow transplant.
Bone Marrow Transplant Procedure
After many examinations and tests, when the surgeon who is supposed to perform the surgery feels that you are ready, you will have the transplant. The bone marrow transplant procedure is similar to blood transfusion process. 

There are two types of bone marrow transplant- autologous transplant and allogeneic transplant.
If you are having an allogeneic transplant, bone marrow cells will be harvested from the donor a day or two before the procedure. If you are going for autologous transplant i.e. if your own cells are being used, they will be retrieved from the stem cell bank.  During a bone marrow harvest, cells are collected from hipbones through the needles. With the help of anesthesia, the surgery becomes painless.

What Does The Surgery Cost?
The sector of Medical Tourism in India has made impressive strides in few years and is surging ahead with new provisions & technology. Bone marrow transplantation is considered one of the most successful medical interventions in India. While the underlying theory of bone marrow transplantation may seem considerably easy to grasp, the process of successfully conducting the surgery is the stark opposite of easy. India has a pool of highly skilled medical experts that can provide the international patients with professional help and opinions through consultations, evaluations, and affordable treatment programs. 
According to a rough estimate, average bone marrow transplantation cost in united states and other developed countries varies between 10,000$ to 50,000$ based on the type of hospital whereas the bone marrow transplantation cost in India is far less on the comparison. Patients who undergo bone marrow transplantation in India realize total savings of approximately 80%, compared to estimated prices that overseas patients could reasonably get in nations like the United States.

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