best way to get rid of lice naturally
 Have you been battling with head lice?  I guess you will found the best result in this blog please don't skip,  keep reading.
 Head lice is caused by a six-legged parasite that lives on the human head which is known as Pediculus humanus capitis. This parasite are hard and last for long which they can survive even in the chlorine swimming pool. This parasite can only be contaminated from person who has the parasite on them either by using same brush or clothes.

 Symptoms of head lice

According to dermatologist, over 2 million children has head lice, this are some symptoms to see to know it's lice.

1. Itchy scalp accompanied by incessant scratching, causing the scalp to be red and irritated.
2. Seeing tiny brown bugs in the hair.
3. Feeling that something is crawling over the head.
4. Swollen lymph nodes in the back of the head.

 Many are afraid of visiting the haircut shop, because of head lice there are best home remedies for it which I will share to you.
Home remedies

Vinegar :
  This has the ability to eradicate head lice because the acetic acid in vinegar is toxic for the lice and It also helps dissolve dead nits.

 Apply shampoo while washing the head, and raise thoroughly at least 3 times daily.

 Garlic can also be toxic to the lice, so get garlic grind it well and place it on the affected area. Leave it for at least 4-5 hours.

Apple cider vinegar (ACV)

This can also be used like vinegar described above, just that apple cider vinegar has more anti-microbial properties. Get a cotton soak it on ACV and apply at the affected area.

Application of petroleum jelly.

Castor oil
 This is a natural oil which contains anti-microbial properties such as vinegar, get castor oil mix it with a pinch of soda,  and gently rub on the area .

 Clean the area with iodine and apply bandage on it overnight.

Onion juice
 This is one of the quickest remedy because anion is found in every kitchen. So get an onion, extract the juice and apply on the affected place for 2-3days.

Dishwashing Liquid

This doesn't kill the lice, but it will help you free the nit from the hair. it helps to get rid of the gunk left behind after practicing the above methods; something shampoo cannot handle it adequately.

This are the tips I can give you, just bear in mind that while applying this remedies there are one things to bear in mind, Be patient & vigilant, note when changes started and keep on applying the methods till the effects shows, but if it doesn't I guess you meet a dermatologist. But I believe your solution is among those mentioned always stay Healthy and safe.

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