Making your vagina to smell and taste better

I'm making this post simple and short in other to teach you a new healthy way to cleanse your vagina.. Many ladies can't give a good report on their sexual health, cleansing the vagina makes you feel good and comfortably, even looking fresh as the case may be, undergoing the best method of cleansing the vagina gives you a higher opportunity to be free from vagina discomfort such as vagina tingling and make you healthy & confident during sex.

  There are proper ways an improper ways of cleansing the vagina. We must look at the basics of cleaning the vagina. As the testicles and penis are sensitive in men so as vagina to women you must keep it clean, "I do hear people saying vagina is your pride I might not quote it right"

1. Washing with strong, perfumed soap is not what the vagina needs, many of this soap contains strong chemicals which are unhealthy to the vagina, using scent soap can lead to infections such as Bacterial Vaginosis (BV), sensitive soap are recommended for the vagina such as Summer Eve and Dove. This soaps are affordable, you can find it at local grocery shops or you can order online, check if available at our shop page.
Note: you can use scent soap to wash all part if the body.

2. Cleaning inside the vagina is not advisable, as we all know the vagina itself has the ability to clean itself because its an organ and there is a hormone responsible for it. Washing inner vagina can lead to infections and other vagina issues, you are meant to clean the outer part of the vagina and leave the rest for the vagina itself to clean. What you can do for the vagina mostly is consuming foods that helps the vagina function.
Do you know that getting your vagina well cleansed, the lower the risk of infections?

Getting your vagina to smell and taste better
Your vagina may be smelling and testing good but you wish to improve it because it make you healthier and confident in having sex. Here are the steps to improve you vagina to taste and smell better.
1. Proper hygiene- this is the most important, keep and cleanse your vagina as stated earlier. Make it clean, make sure you clean after getting wet to avoid having odour.

2. Shaving- This is also essential, but if you don't feel comfortable without pubic hair then don't shave, but it's healthy to shave it, to remove the hairs which also enhance the vagina odor, by holding on urine droplets.

3. Making use of flavoured oils- there are many flavoured massage oil with is good in improving the vagina smell and taste, these oils are mostly used during sex not on daily activities, if you want your vagina to taste good at this moment I think these massage oils is the best option..

4. Drinking juices-  Don't be surprised, cranberry and pineapple juice had been discovered to improved the tase and smell of vagina discharge, cranberry naturally fight bacteria in the urinary tract which also makes the urine smell good as well. Pineapple juice does same as well and work in men too, so Start now am feed your partner with juice.
There are many products which can help cleanse, tighten up the vagina flora and as well get rid of smelly vagina. I recommend using a product with natural ingredients not those with harsh chemicals, example of this product is Secret ceres, this product enhance the healthiness of the vagina.

Some vagina infections you need to get rid of...

Eliminate vagina yeast.
  What is vagina yeast? This is infection is caused by a fungal organism known as Candida Albicans, the abnormal growth of yeast cells this always visited to vagin unless you show your vagina loving care.
Steps to prevent this yeast infection..

1. Protect your vagina from recurring yeast
  Making use of scent soap causes the risk of you getting the yeast infection, the more you use the more chance of recurring it unless you show your vagina some love and start to know that vagina has its own fragrance, it's a smell which is packed with pheromones, which is designed to attract the opposite sex.

2. Beware of stuffs you take: reduce the rate which you consume content with high amount of yeast.. Many company don't determine most precautions before producing so be watchful.

3. Show your vagina some caring: don't abuse your vagina talk it as the important part of the atonomy of a woman..

These are symptoms of yeast infection: vagina discharge, foul odor,itchiness, rashes, soreness and redness of the vagina. leaving yeast infection untreated can leas to vagina bleeding, which happens during the inflammation of the vagina.

Pimples near the vagina what could this be? Have you been experiencing pimples around your vagina? You might be asking yourself this question.. But no cause for alarm, it's normal for women to grow pimple near the vagina because pimple grow where there is pores, if you have pores at your gentile region so pimples will grow there. But its advised that when ever you see such consult a gynaecologist to know if it's ordinary pimple or symptoms of sexual transmitted diseases.
If you do experience pimples in your pimples where there is no pores consult your doctor at once because it might be a symptoms of gentile herpes, this are other symptoms that follows: itching, burning feelings, painful bumps in cluster..

When you eradicate all vagina infection and you still witness some odor here are the 4 ways to get rid of vagina odor..
You might not witness your own vaginal odor but others do, whenever your lover says"what's that rotten smell" oh my dear you need to act fast, this might be cause of infections here are other factors to get rid of it.

1.  Consume healthy diets: don't fill your body with junk foods, go for healthy diets, consume vegetables, and say no to cigarettes and alcohol take much water to eradicate the toxins in the body.

2. Wear loose under wears instead of tight ones to avoid infection's and vagina discomfort..
Bacterial Vaginosis(BV) is responsible for most problem of the vagina, especially in the aspect of odor, it gives it a smell similar to a rotten fish.

3. Use condoms to prevent yourself form infection bacteria.. Having sex with a new guy, you must use condom and spermicide, this will helpful in preventing vaginal bacteria.

Getting rid of vagina rashes

Just as the case of pimples, this appears at the vagina region and make it red then before, it looks irritating.
Improper hygiene can cause this rashes to surface. How to treat it is very easy, just get aloe vera and apply on the rashes till its healed. Preventing this equals obtaining personal hygiene and also put on Cotton pants..

As a woman your vagina speaks a lot about you, so you need to know how to keep it clean, and attractive, with those tips listed above I guess you can keep your vagina absolutely clean..
Summarized tips on vagina maintenance
1. Clean under wears: don't wear unwashed under wears keep your hygiene the priority.
2. Soap - I have made it clear earlier don't apply scent soap on your vagina.
3. Vagina wash: use the herbal made vagina was to wash the vaginal and keep it clean.
4. Use pant liner
5. Medical checkups
6. Don't sleep with your under wears on, give it some free time not all time keeping it in its prison...

I guess this tips will give a lot insight on how to keep your vagina healthy,, kindly share with your Friends.. #Medbikehealth #medbikehealth center #medbikefitness cares...

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