Let's get down with this do you have a swollen legs or you know anyone that has swollen legs?
  I guess you can be of benefit to him or her after reading this post.  What really is called swollen legs?  This is the stagnation of fluids in the leg region,  many people do think it's elephantiasis but in the actual sense it's not bit look alike it is actually known as peripheral edema, which is associated with the lymphatic system or the kidney..

What really causes leg swollen? 

It is highly experience especially in one leg. One swallow leg is basically caused by in ability of the kidney not functioning well in the ability of circulating fluids and water in the body..
  There are other causes of swollen legs which you are not know it might not be edema but other factors can cause the legs to swollen up. Such as

Injuries : Those who has soft legs do experience this, when you get an injury which might touch the ankle you might experience swelling of the legs especially around the affected area, fracture or tear ligament also triggers immediate swelling of the feet..

Pregnancy : you will be wondering how pregnancy causes swollen feet this is because of the excess weight gain from the pregnancy has its pressure on the legs which if can't carry causes the leg to swell the actual Occurs mainly on the left legs I don't really know why.. Also retention of fluids in pregnancy can also cause leg swelling because during pregnancy some hormones are secreted which cause the body to retain fluid, but if you experience abnormal swelling during pregnancy It might be a symptom of pre-eclampsia which you should reach out for a doctor as soon as possible.

Cellulitis: this is caused by bacteria, when a bacterial enters in to the body through your skin, this can cause the swelling of legs and feet and using red and hot.

Lymphedemma: this is the blockage in the lymphatic system which causes excess lymph fluid to collect in the tissues and can cause swollen feet and ankles. It can be caused by a number of things such as infection, injury or cancer treatment such as radiotherapy or the removal of lymph nodes.

Here are some other causes of leg swelling
Acute kidney injury and chronic kidney disease.
Fluid overload.
Allergic reaction.
Baker's cyst.
Rheumatoid arthritis or other inflammatory arthritis.

How to cure this one leg swelling or swollen legs and feet..
You have to apply this natural procurement..

Using of Epsom salt : soak your legs in a water containing Epsom salt as a mixture for about 10-15mins before taking shower, also avoid exposing your legs to high temperature..
Weight loss: this is a great factor which can reduce the rate of the swelling of the legs, you need to apply the diets for weight loss and other weight-loss tip click to see.

Exercise : staying at a position can increase the swelling you need to be moving your legs in other to decrease it and also place your legs in an elevated place to let the leg to reduce.

undergo massage: massaging the leg helps reduce the swollen legs making the fluids stock there to circulate to where it's supposed to be..

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