Health issues in adolescence

To be in adolescent age, there are some health issues we need to encounter such as it is in the old age, some health issues in old age such as arthritis, menopause, hearth attack etc..
  Are you in adolescence? Or closing the range and you wish to know the strategies to experience, i guess this will explain better, although most of the health issues in adolescence are temporal they come and go it doesn't stay permanently. I must say that you undergoing some physical changes in the body is also a health issues in adolescence, many panics when they see some changes basically associated with health..

  What is adolescence if I may ask?
This is a period changes occur, when one moves from childhood to maturity.. It's a stage when children feels they have grown, such as my neighbor kids usually says "mom you can't control my again am sixteen " that's exactly what classify the age adolescence... Usually it started earlier in girls than in men, such as 11-19yrs and 14-19yrs respectively, if exceeds that then it's late maturity..

  This adolescence is what exactly determines the chances of a child developing chronic diseases in his or her adulthood. The biggest challenges that comes in health status of adolescents are mainly discrimination..  There are some factors that affects health status in adolescence such as (Homicide, suicide, motor vehicle accident, drug abuse and smoking, sexual transmitted diseases and sexual harassment, homelessness and unwanted pregnancy.)  all this mentioned are health issues in adolescence, although there are some hint to prevent it...
  How exactly can adolescence cause all those mentioned?
Exactly I thought as much, many will have this question clocking in the head right now, here are the tips how adolescent can lead to it.

In terms of homicide, when one in adolescence is been discriminated, it pushes him to any limit such as having a horrible hatred to the opponents. Which might warrant killing if opportune to do so...  Hint : learn how to control your anger and your will subdue such challenges..

Suicide also goes with discrimination, that's why it's been advised not to be a part of those that do mockery because you are putting someone's life at stake, when one feel less important or sometimes experience failure this strategies actually leads to suicide... Hint: don't ever quit read books that motivates you..

 Motor vehicle accident is common in adolescence age where youths drive while drunk and this factors has claim many lives, Hint: please don't drink while driving or drive drunk, please parents and guidance should be watchful of this...

 Drug abuse is mostly a dominance trait in youths it's mostly caused by peer pressure and personal decision.. Hint: quit alcohol and smoking...  I think this can help you (Best tips to stop smoking)

Sexual transmitted diseases and sexual harassment has been an ongoing event in adolescence age, indiscriminate having of unprotected sex can expose one to HIV & STDs.. Hint : Undergo sexual education..

  Unwanted pregnancy is a result of sexual affairs in the adolescent age.  Ladies in United States that experience this are over 86%... All this are health issues in adolescence, there are sectors that are responsible to impact those in adolescent the ways and steps to follow to achieve success and overcome those health challenges..
The home:  this is the basic sector of education parents should take much time to see the warfare and health status of there children, such as impacting the moral lesson and challenges there are to experience during adolescence and the precautions to it.. Parents are the best teacher because they speak with experience.
The school: finally the school has added it to there curriculum that sexual orientation and education should be present to students.
  Friends and neighbour : peer group has the highest influence on adolescence so it should be considered as a way in guiding children.. Parents should know there children friends and there attitude.
Here are some important books to read...
(Preventing teen pregnancy by CDC;) [PDF - 378 KB]
This articles can help you tackle the health issues in adolescence, you can also read (list of disease in adolescence )

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