Best 3 ways of preventing heart attack

 It has been stated that over 1 million people dies per year because of cardiovascular and coronary artery disease.
 The best thing i can tell you is that you can prevent this disastrous disease by changing your lifestyle and habits. Adapting to this new habits makes you free from cardiovascular disease these are:

 1. No smoking
 2. Low intake of alchol
 3. Healthy diet lifestyle
 4. Adopting exercise.
 5. Avoid sitting for too long.
 6. Avoid statin
7. Cut off high sugar

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 This might be hard for you to stick to, but persistence and self determination put us all through our achievement. In the aspect of preventing heart disease here are some following tips you also need, Getting regular health screenings is one of the advice i do give... Go detect the problem before the problem detects you.

 As we know that High blood pressure and high cholesterol can lead to heart damage and also affects the blood vessels. But all this can be detected and get rid of if ran a test on, but if you don't go for screening exercises you probably won't know whether you have these conditions in you.

 Also you should have a blood pressure test performed at least once in every two years in other to know if there is any treats to blood pressure which has damage effects to the heart, this test is to commence at the age of 18 and above If you're above 40 years or between 18-38 there is more high risk of having blood pressure, I seek for your doctor on regular intervals and know your blood pressure rage, the Optimal blood pressure is less than 120/80 millimeters of mercury (mm Hg)

 The aspect of Cholesterol levels, this is extremely important for adults 18+ this should be measured at least once every five years. This is also important the Diabetes screening. diabetes is a risk factor for developing heart disease, so we need to be caution of our sugar level, go to your doctor for your blood sugar test or hemoglobin A1C test to check for diabetes.
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