How to make avocado cream yourself

Avocado is a great and amazing fruit, its primary constituent are fats and oil, while most of the fruit contains carbohydrate mainly but in this case avocado is an exception, avocado has amazing benefits for the body which nutritionists has been studying over years now to their surprises we see it as a fruit of the healthy being because it contributes in many part of functional human system.

  Avocado is highly nutritious this fruits are gotten from Persea americana the biological name of avocado plant. It also supports the body system and it's been categorized as a super food. The avocado pet name is known as alligator pea, which elaborate its shape, because it tends to posses the body shape of an alligator. These are the most abundant nutrient found in avocado.

Vitamin K
Vitamin C
Vitamin B5
Vitamin B6
Vitamin E
    It actually contains Magnesium, copper, zinc,iron,phosphorus, vitamin A,B1,B2,B3 in small quantum.

 One of the amazing fact is that avocado doesn't have cholesterol or sodium in it, and low saturated fat , it also has more potassium than banana does. Fiber are loaded in avocado as natural gift of nature, as we do know that fiber in plants contributes in weight loss, reduction if sugar level and strongly fight some diseases. "There are soluble and insoluble fiber"
 Wonderfully fact the scientist mapped out was that those who consumes avocado tends to live healthier because it supports the body functions and helps in metabolism. Avocado contains antioxidant such as caroteniods which helps you absorb the nutrients in the food you consume.

This antioxidants helps in the function, that's why doctors include it in meal of those with eye defects. There is a debate still going on, this is basically if avocado helps in curing cancer, according to researchers they are showing the prove they got, so it's yet to be confirm but to me I think it can be a massive support in curing cancer what do you think also?
  Avocado a great fruit for weight loss, because it low possession on carbs and has high fiber it can easily supports you to loss weight, if you have intension of loosing weight add that to your diets. This fruit has numerous benefits which are not yet fully discovered, it is also good for pregnant women, for your bone, dental supporting food and It prevent the threat of arthritis.
How to consume and store avocado? This is a nice question, I myself store them in my refrigerator and I don't buy ripped ones I buy those unripe, so when I store in the refrigerator it won't over ripped before consumption I do consume mine as cream or with other foods I also consume it alone. I noticed that over ripped ones can be stored using salt and banana leaves and kept in cool dry place or refrigerator to avoid getting spoil.

  Here are the basic steps to produce your avocado cream. Get all the ingredients ready.
4 ripped avocados
Green lemon juice and Lime 8 tablespoons
Powder sugar

How to prepare: Get the Avocados, remove the stones and carve it, cut the pulp of avocados. You then mix it in a kitchen robot with sugar, lemon juice, grated bark, and half cream. Pure well, brush the remaining cream to make it thick. That's all your avocado cream is done. It takes only 15mins of preparation. Hope you like it drop your comment and also share with your love one's, sharing is caring medbike health team is for you.


  1. Nice one here.... What type of cream should be added here please?

    1. The cream should be the composition of the higher-butterfat layer skimmed from the top of milk..
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