Many people do got rotten teeth, sometimes tooth ache because they're so careless about their health lifestyle. You may have been a victim to those with bad tooth, some stains that stuck in our mouths are cause by some of this various habits..

 I will illustrate everything in brief so y'all will understand what actually i meant and how to safeguard your dental health. But before i continue i wanna ask you to hook up with any dentist whenever you feel pains or ache in your mouth. 

 Oral hygiene is important in every stage of life, we all know that everyone wants their teeth to white and shinny but later you got to find out that your habits causes damage to your teeth.. Here are some habits we exhibit that actually cause harm to our oral hygiene.

 1. Harsh brushing Many people don't know the proper way to take their morning brush, some brush in a hard way giving perforation into the gums, which at times can lead to gum bleeding, most at times it's been caused by hard toothbrush so i will suggest it will be better if you get yourself a soft toothbrush and brush, gently to avoid harming the enamel and the gums, take your brush at least twice per day.

 2. Wrong toothpastes Many companies are up to do business not minding the quality and effectiveness of the product they give to there customers, actually i will advise everyone to be extremely careful in the products you consume to avoid health destruction, because many toothpaste contains micro-granules and grains which actually remove stains but causes harm to the teeth.
 I will advice you to go for herbal toothpastes which has a pleasant flavor and has no damages to your teeth, kindly check our online (store) if you can see any.

 3. Failure to use dental floss Don't think with only toothbrush and the toothpaste that all germs and stains in the mouth is off, there are some areas where brush can't reach so it's very advisable to use a dental floss, because it prevents tooth decay and also gum inflammation. 

 4. Foods that leaves stain in the mouth This is common because we do take foods without considering if it has any stain deposited in our teeth or not, we are only eating to satisfy our hunger, we should know that enamel is like porcelain. As everything leaves stains on your plate or cup, some foods leave stains on your teeth, but those are durable. Food such as tea, coffee, red wine etc are examples of food which can deposit some stains on your teeth, that's why it's advisable to brush after each meal.

 5. Carbonated drinks This is very important for those who really found it charming to feed on can drink, most drink contains acidic supplement which erode your teeth and destroy the enamel. Carbonated beverages are not a good option for consumption, you have to put it to a minimum range and get your health style boosted.. 

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