Best way to stop chronic disease from affecting you.

 Imma say this is a very interesting topic to write on, i have been thinking why always whenever one gets old the doom story will end like "he got a chronic condition and we can't do anything about it." That's ridiculous i must say we gotta find how to get rid of this problem and this is exactly what I'll be writing in this post, just read carefully.

 Chronic condition or disease are mostly these diseases - Heart diseases, - Arthritis, -Stroke,  - Cancer,  - Obesity, - COPD this actually means(Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease)

 All this chronic disease cost more than $100billion in treatment annually, so this is a great hindrance in our health system so we need to act fast and follow the tips I'll stipulate in other to stay more healthy and live long.
 I'm starting with how to avoid this chronic conditions..  Abstain from junk foods: if you don't understand what i meant by junk food this will help to explain better,

  - junk foods contains much calories and less nutrients..  - junk foods has a great impact in obesity..  - it cause high in insulin level.. - contains a lot of sodium which contributes in high B.P and kidney diseases.

Practice exercise: Medbike H&F will keep stimulating issues on fitness, exercise and how to practice them because healthiness without exercises is impossible to avoid chronic condition. exercise are very essential for those handicapped there a lot of machinery that helps y'all in exercise such as medbike gadget, etc.
 Exercise can help you maintain your sugar level, body weight and also prevents asthma attack..

Stay mentally active: The Brain is the most sensitive part of the body which it's work is numerous so we must need to be conscious on mental health. Just stay active, eat healthy foods and also learn how to cope with stress.. You can see how to de-stress yourself.

Lower your blood pressure and cholesterol: some of you will be asking how and why, to be healthy and avoid chronic condition you must lower your intake of cholesterol. Try eat less sodium, eat more Fiber, reduce the intake of excessive alcohol, decrease caffeine intake and learn how to loss weight.

 You have to preserve your bone health, many people do not know how to take care of your bone, every part of our body has a specific system on how to take care of them..  First do take a bone density test, avoid alcohol and smoking and take much calcium and vitamin D..

 This are the few and basic information i want you to know on preventing chronic conditions, we will be writing more content on your daily health care and fitness if you enjoyed this tips or found it interesting please subscribe to be getting our update directly to your email address.. Thanks stay healthy and be blessed.. 


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