Hard activities of exercise are the essential requirement if the person wants to achieve abs. There are two basic methods with the help of which abs can be gained. The first method is doing different types and styles of regular exercises and the second way is the intake of proteins. Abs show that the person is concern about his fitness and is active. The exercise of special parts of the body helps you in having great abs. It not only makes you look smart but also improves your health. There are many exercises which are not only for achieving abs but also improving the physical strength. Of them the important five are as follows:

1- Cycling
Cycling is an essential exercise not only for staying fit and active but also for abs formation. It is a complete body workout. The regular paddling of tires increases stamina.

2- - Pull-ups
Pull-ups are a tough exercise. It not only helps you get abs directly but also makes you strong. The power tower is the best instrument available in the market for hanging as gives you best results. It is therefore recommendable for hanging in exercise.

 3- Bent down
The position formed in this exercise is known as the plank. It is not easy to perform as requires a lot of energy. The plank position is significant for abs formation. In this exercise, the person bends down, and his whole weight is on the feet’s fingers and shoulders. This makes your shoulder strong and powerful. However, certain precautions must be taken before performing this exercise. Bent down exercise can create strain and can tear your muscles which can cause pain. Therefore you must warm up your body as it can make your body get ready for this activity and will ease it. Another thing that must be kept in mind is that in the start days of your exercise you should not burden your body more than its strength. If it exceeds your capacity, it can cause you knee and ankle problems that can be either acute or chronic.

4- Side Plank
It is similar to plank and has almost the same function. It is beneficial for making abs, along with that strengthen the body, and makes your muscles strong. It too has some precautions and is same as that of bent down. This exercise can be done regularly with short periods, and you can increase the time accordingly.

5- Sit-ups
Sit-ups are a significant exercise for keeping your body strong and also help in making your abs. This exercise is not directly involved in making your abs but helps you in decreasing your belly fat as burns its calories.

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Ida Jones is a mother of two little ones. She enjoys home-based workouts, cardio exercises, and long runs. She loves spending her vacations outdoors with her kids around nature. She believes in clean and healthy eating. She regularly writes about fitness tips and much more at Fitness Grit.(http://fitnessgrit.com)

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