5 post-workouts harmful habits to avoid 
5 post-workout harmful habits to avoid

  Hey,  welcome once back i know i haven been posting for a while it's because we got some course seminar we are on, but the good news is we are in the final stage, we will be updating y'all from now. Today i wanna emphasis on harmful habits to avoid after workout. Read all and comment with any question of any kind. 
  Everyone wanna be fit but hard for us to maintain our fitness regiments, fitness is not all about visiting the Gym and eating foods tho it's most common thing mentioned to anyone, but healthy and clean lifestyle is very vital in keeping fit, what do you think about this.

1. Waiting too long to eat - i see many people doing this especially those who wanna lose weight, thinking it has a positive value in losing weight but hell no it doesn't, one is too take his or her meal after 20-30 minutes after there workout to help the body replenish energy and help you keep fit. Waiting too long before eating after workout is a habit that's harmful so stop it.
2. Not changing your Gym wear- it's disgusting but many people also do this after working out will keep on the wear on them making them to stink and develop odour, the bacteria which is stuck in the clothes can infect you if you didn't refreshed yourself as soon as you get home. 

3. Eating unhealthy - health foods is essential to the body,  consume healthy meals after workout, protein and carbohydrates and some healthy fats this important to those who wanna lose weight or gain weight. 

4. Skipping to relax - this is one of the most common mistake, people engaging in activities after workout without resting, i have been making such mistakes till i found out the importance so i stopped it, experts also advice us to cool down after workout, in other to let your heart and blood pressure rest.  Relaxing is important to the body function so don't miss it. 

5. Skipping water after workout - this is the most important of all if you know you have this habit of skipping water after workout you have to cut it out, hydration is very vital for the body to function properly i think you need to take enough water after workout. Water helps to flush out toxins and carry the nutrients round the body we shouldn't ignore that, you can also know using the urine color,  whenever it's dark then it's sign of dehydration..

Conclusion -  in other to achieve your workout goal, you have to avoid these mistakes,  maintain a health lifestyle and consume healthy meal,  this tips are only to guide you to your goal of keeping fit if you have any questions concerning this post-workout mistakes kindly ask using the comment box stay healthy!!! 

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