6 Best Heart Healthy Workouts for Your 60s 70s and 80s

Having elderly at home brings you lots of responsibilities. You have to make sure that you take care of their mental and physical health and for this you have to give proper time to them. Along with that they need aid in terms of money. Financial assessment can help you in that regard. Exercise is essential for people of all ages. It not only helps you in staying fit but also improves the working of various body parts. In fact, the proper blood circulation requires specific movements. Elderly people are most likely to get diseases such as blood pressure, cholesterol, and cardiovascular problems. But adequate workout can help them in staying away from these diseases for a longer time and even if they get them the intensity is very less. However, with growing age the bones become weak and one should be very careful while performing any physical task. If you have elderly parents at home then you should encourage them to do following workouts. They will help them in maintaining their physical and mental fitness and will assist them in staying fit and active.

1- Warm-up
The most basic exercise that should be performed by older adults is warm up. In it a variety of tasks can be performed to make the body ready to do any further activity. It can be done by jogging, jumping, or by doing sit-ups. An elderly person warms up at a slower pace.

2- Jogging
It is an easy exercise that can be performed by older adults easily. It does not require much effort but is very useful. This activity is a combination of running and walking.

3- Brisk walking
It is not the ordinary walk. In it, you have to be less active than walking and more active than walking. There is a specified speed in it which is about 3 miles per hour. It is a speed that can easily be achieved by people of all ages.

4- Running
Every person is capable of running to some extent. It is very beneficial for health. It improves the blood circulation. Along with that it helps in reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Doctors recommend that one should run regularly and should be made a part of your daily routine.

5- Cycling
It is exercise which is beneficial for both young and old people. It works as efficiently as running and walking. It not only improves blood circulation but also reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Therefore is very useful for elderly and is a must work out for them. It is also observed that twenty minutes of cycling is an enough exercise for the day.

6- Swimming
It improves the blood circulation throughout your body. Though if the elderly parent already has heart problem then they must be careful as they cannot hold their breath while for a long time.

Author Bio: This article was written by Chris Palmer who regularly shares advice on elderly care. In particular dementia and supporting your elderly parent. You can find more by Chris on: www.agespace.org/.

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