Who doesn’t want to face the hardships and come out the other end as a hero? If you’re battling arthritis here are a few exercises that will help you get better make you your own hero.

Chair stands
Chair stands are easy to do and helpful for people with arthritis as it helps you to make your legs stable so that the motion while performing this exercise can be controlled with the legs rather than your arms. During this exercise, the movement should be controlled by your legs and arms should only be used to assist you. If 10 to 15 reps are done with ease, then you can increase the number of reps. In the case that this is difficult you can find a chair with a higher height that can help make it more accessible.

If you have tender or swollen joints, yoga can help you go a long way. Yoga can reduce the inflammation in the joints depending on the position that you use the yoga Nindra can help a lot with the pain. Even if it hurts a little in the beginning this kind of gentle stretching is very beneficial if you want to maintain your mobility and movement. The position is of great importance if you end up doing power yoga, hot yoga or flow this can cause pressure on the joints as it increases the body temperature.

Walking is beneficial for all, regardless of age.It strengthens the bone and is an aerobic activity. Going on a walk three to four times a week is extremely helpful for the joints even if it may hurt a bit in the beginning. You can take walks just around the house, on your lawn and then later proceed to a more demanding task. You should start by walking for five minutes and then increase the time frame gradually. Once you are accustomed to walking around again, you can use the stair stepper to challenge yourself a bit.

Patients who want stronger muscles, Pilates are the go-to exercise for you. They make your joints stable and give them the support they also strengthen the muscles. What you have to do is lie down and bend your knees. 
Both your hands should be by your side, and you should lift your pelvis area this will strengthen your leg muscles and your lower joints. You have to hold the position for at least 1 minute and then you can come back to rest position. While doing so, you should be careful that you don't over flex and maintain the told position. 

Water workout
Water workout is proven to be a good source of exercise for those people who have significant joint pain. The pool should 4 feet you can start off by walking in the pool at a pace of your comfort. The water helps you in your mobility due to its buoyancy. If you are a part of a health center, you can use an underwater treadmill and adjust its speed.A jogging belt also helps in suspension above the pool floor that reduces the pressure on the lower half of your body.
To get the best workout results, you should choose the right gym equipment. Stay safe!

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