The change from herbal medication to the chemical medication has been one of the biggest renovations in Earth’s history. It would have been impossible to get a cure for diseases like cancer with herbal medication. Herbal medication is very easy to achieve. It is a medication every loves to have. It is very lenient and refreshing.
But the problem with herbal treatment is about its pace and effectiveness. If you are having a herbal treatment for any disease, it can cost you loads of time and effort. Minor diseases can be healed accurately with herbs, but when it comes to dangerous and life-risking diseases the effectiveness of herbs is a critical issue to be concerned.
To help patients survive harmful diseases, chemical medication is the best to have. As like chemicals, the reactions to be taken are much quicker than the natural healing. Different parts of our organs are performing different activities and different reactions. A disease causes these reactions to get involved in some other reaction. Medications help you improve the neutralization and balance of reaction in your body which can act as a perfect cure for your disease.

But one of the worst effects created by medication is the formation of drugs. A mixture or a compound of different medicines can form intoxicating drugs that are destroying lives of various families around the globe. There are five rules to keep yourself safe from the intake of drugs.

1- Avoid Clubbing
The most common way to supply drugs is through clubs. If you want to keep yourself safe from the intake of drugs, you must avoid clubbing especially at nights. Many clubs can force you into drugs by adding a few amount to your drink or your snack. So to avoid drugs, you must avoid clubbing or enter enjoy yourself in an authorized club.

2- Around the streets
Drugs are very expensive to buy. They can have a poor effect on your financial status. Some criminals often roam around the stresses to find a new victim for getting money. They can forcefully get you under drugs and can achieve loads of money through selling them. To remain safe, you must be conscious while moving around the streets.

3- Snacks
Everybody loves to have snacks; many people add drugs to these snacks and can cause youngsters to eat them. To avoid this neglect taking a snack from an unknown person.

4- Friends
At times friends can be your worst enemies. Friends may use some of your secrets as there weapons to get you into an intake of drugs. To guarantee tour security, you must have good companions.

5- Internet
If you accidentally had drugs, you must check up on the internet about their effects and the best measures to take to avoid your intoxication. These immediate measures can help you avoid a disaster for your future.
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