How to increase sperm count naturally

Sperm count Tips 1 &2 

Children are beauty for the family  , children give  to   family a complete meaning but now a  days  some families  have one big sadness   is  not having   children, it could be many reason ,

Busy life   style , stress and tension  are some  factor may  cause stopping of sperm count  in our body , most of the busy people face this common problem . if we  really want to increase our sperm count  we must  be away from   smoking and alcohol as these cause problem  in  good production of sperm count  in our body.

Today we will  know the  best two natural tips of how  to  increase our sperm count | plasma

Tip 1

Ingredients required

Cow milk
pure milk health  basic tips 

Cow ghee

cow ghee  cow butter health basic tips

White jaggery  (patika pellam), white gud ( white solid sugar)
health   basic  tips white solid Jaggery


First boil the cow milk  long period and take in a glass let it cool up to lukewarm state, while it is in lukewarm condition add one table spoon of cow ghee and one table spoon of white jaggery 

How to consume

Take this milk daily for some days , by drinking this milk you can increase your sperm count naturally and also as this milk contains other vitamins like A ,B2 and D , it helps  give extra  energy.


Ingredients required

Hibiscus  flowers powder  ( red)   ( yerra mandara  puvvulu) 

health   basic tips

Pure milk 

cow milk health basic tips


Take some Hibiscus  flowers  and dry them completely , once they  completely dried up , grind them  into very fine powder and filter with in cloth , micro filter because we need to get very soft powder 

Note :if you unable to prepare like this, you may also get this ready made powder in ayurvedic stores.

How to consume

Take one table spoon of  Hibiscus  flowers powder  along with one glass of milk for forty days , you will definitely   increase  a healthy sperms in your body.

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