Lassi is a blend of dahi and sugar and it originates from Punjab. We can get authentic lassi in UP, Punjab,Haryana ,Delhi, and Rajasthan. Generally, lassi means sweet lassi. But there are different varieties like mango lassi,salt lassi ,masala lassi,papaya lassi ,and banana lassi . Roti dhal  subzi and lassi would be a complete meal in summer. Lear how to make lassi at home.


Dahi     - 2 cup
Sugar   - 2 Tsp
Cardomom powder- A pinch
Pistachios  -2


The curd should be chill. Use full cream milk to prepare curd.
Use the traditional blender to blend the curd.
If you feel it is difficult you can also use a hand blender or mixie.
Beat the curd till smooth and frothy.
Add sugar and cardamom and pistachios and again beat it until frothy.
Pour this into the glass and serve chill.

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