Why you should eat these foods during Ramadan:
During Ramadan there are lots of things to do, like fasting and all these other stuffs. Many people enjoy the food aspect in Particular, and it's simply because they choose the best type of food for the event 
  So why then should you eat some food during Ramadan? Well first we need to know what type of food are available during this period. Some people have Harmar and Halaal food before them and some just Halaal food but some don't know the difference between these two foods and hence they take anything. Well this post will enlighten you on what these two food are and the one you should part take of.

Halaal food:
Then word Halaal means Accepted or permissible which also translates to allowed. So Halaal food should be some what: FOOD THAT IS ALLOWED during Ramadan. See? These foods are the ones to eat during Ramadan and nothing else.
 What of Harmar food what are they?
Harmar Food:  
 Harmar is the opposite of Halaal. It means unacceptable, not allowed and impremissible.

So what does this tell you about Harmar food? It means they are food that are NOT allowed so these are the foods you SHOULD NOT eat during Ramadan! A perfect brand  for knowing where to get  the types of Halaal food is TravelStart Nigeria So now we know what food we are to eat right?

Now why should we even eat these food?
Well for Halaal food you should eat it because that's what is allowed and nothing else  we will see other reasons as we go down this post.

Some common Halaal Food:

Majorly Halaal Food contains: 
  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Breads, cereals, and potatoes
  • Meat, fish and chicken
  • Dairy products such as milk and cheese
  • Foods containing fat and sugar

There are two catorgies of halaal food 

1. Suhoor Food or pre-dawn meal:
This is food eaten before Dawn or morning as the name implies the principles behind this food is that it should be something that can carry one along the fasting hours, before your break your fast. It should be preferably carbonhydrate foods since it gives you energy through out the day.
Here's the full trick, You won't just eat carbonhydrate but complex carbohydrates. Know why? It's because complex cabrohydrates release energy slowly hence it's not easily used up.
Examples of Complex Carbonhydrates are: Wheat, oats and rice.

2. Iftar Food: 
This is taken after Sunset it's used to break the long day fast, this food is usually dates and water. It's reocommend to take dates because it helps to hydrate the body, and also restores the blood and sugar level to normal.
These foods:
1. Helps decrease the feeling of hunger and makes the body relaxed as it's also means to prevent the body from overheating.
2. Easy do Digest this food, as it's at night and it's not good to sleep with undigested food in your stomach.
3. Prevent Constipation since you possibly may have skipped lunch.

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