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 Vigor Essential ₦ 6,600
Treatment - Impotence, Prostatitis (Inflammation of prostrate), Prostrate Cancer, Mental Imbalance, Low sperm vitality, Depression, Body building. BUY

 Re-Vive - ₦ 12,120

Treatment - Poor Sexual Drive (Poor Libido), Weak Sexual Organ, Low Sperm Count, Premature Ejaculation, All sexual funtion related problems. Learn more

 Magilim - ₦ 8,200

Treatment - Weight Control, Detoxification, Balance Blood Sugar, Obesity, Hyperglycaemia. Learn more

Qinghao - ₦ 2,300

Treatment - Malaria (Plasmodium Falciparum), Malaria and Multi-drug resistant Malaria Learn more

 V-ca - ₦ 3,280
Treatment- Facilitating Calcium Absorption, Stimmulation of Immune System and as Antioxidant to Strenghten the Immune System, helps against acute Emotional Stress such as Trauma, Fever, Infection. This product build the bone stronger with excessive calcium. Learn more

 Jointeez Pill - ₦ 3,950
Treatment - Osteoathritis, Rheumatism Arthritis, Muscle Joint sore e.g inconvinient flexion, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Ankylosing spondylitis.
 Learn more

Cordy Royal Jelly- 9,200

Treatment- Heart failure, Myocardial infraction, Anaemia, Arteriosclerosis, and Decrepitude.

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